Babywearing classes every Saturday at the Jubilane store in Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland.

Our instructor, Camille Schöpfer, is certified by the ASPB (Association Suisse de Portage) and JPMBB. Most parents take the class during the final weeks of pregnancy, before baby is born. Plan on 90 minutes to cover the basics, try a few different carriers, and to learn a few carrying positions.

Camille will help you to determine which type of baby carrier is right for you, based on your lifestyle and personality. We have wrap slings (traditional or stretch), ring slings, ergonomic carriers such as the Ergobaby and Manduca, Mei Tai carriers, water slings, etc.

Call for an appointment, tel. 021 943 2400

For more information on our sling classes and the types of baby carriers available at Jubilane,

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